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Product information

Cosmetic sponges Yukilon series

Cosmetic spongesYukilon series

All Yukilon series sponges have received antibacterial, anti-UV, and copper ion treatment

The Yukilon series is a line of sponges developed by our company in 1976.

Although other companies’ sponges lose their antibacterial properties as they are used for cleaning, Yukilon sponges do not: their antibacterial properties are long-lasting and remain strong. This is due to our unique production methods, which enable these unique antibacterial properties to persist permanently even after the sponges are used. There are currently three types of Yukilon sponges available: the high-end Yukilon Grace, the basic Yukilon Standard, and the Yukilon MG that makes use of characteristics of the Grace.


  • When the components of the sponge are mixed together, antibacterial components are simultaneously mixed into the compound. Through this, the sponges permanently retain their antibacterial and anti-mold properties even after use for washing.
  • Antibacterial components are built right into the structure of the sponge, making it difficult to lose antibacterial properties even after washing.
  • Unique, flexible, and strong bubble-type construction. As a result, bubbles tend not to burst and its mechanical properties are made stronger.
  • No use of casein, the use of which might be regulated by some countries’ laws and regulations.


  • The Yukilon series comprises an over 70% share of the global cosmetic sponge market.
  • There are over 5,000 types of sponges in the Yukilon series.
  • Foundation sponges that use the Yukilon Grace are bulky, soft, and flexible with a new texture that is gentle against the skin.

Basic physical properties (typical values)

Hardness [F] 62
Specific gravity [g/c?] 0.150
Tensile strength [Kgf/c㎡] 1.31
Elongation rate [%] 358
25% compressive load [gf/c㎡] 72.27
Expansibility [%] Water 2.90
Liquid paraffin 0.40
Escalol 5.90