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Cosmetics / cleaning / water removal / bio folders PVA products

Cosmetics / cleaning / water removal / bio foldersPVA products

Superior water absorbency and water retention potential, while being highly rated in all fields.

“PVA” refers to polyvinyl alcohol. This is a synthetic polymer that is extremely hydrophilic. Today, PVA is used for a variety of purposes as listed below, including cosmetics, cleaning, and water removal, while being highly rated in all of these areas. However, there are great expectations for PVA’s role in the future as a bio folder. This refers to a PVA carrier used in effluent treatment, and it has already begun to be used in the filtration of circulating water at LED plant factories and breeding tanks in aquaculture facilities.


  • Water absorbency: Superior water absorbency speed.
  • Water retention: Superior water retention capabilities due to high porosity.
  • Durability: Superior wear resistance due to characteristics of the material.


  • Used for make-up removal (pocket square wipes).
  • Used for dust removal in clean rooms.
  • Used as a water-removal sponge to dry out seaweed.
  • Used in the cleaning and drying process (aquaroll) of printed circuit boards.
  • Used in body-cleaning for its softness and comfort of use.
  • Used as a PVA carrier for effluent treatment and a bio folder.