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Product information

Cosmetic sponges Tera series

Cosmetic spongesTera series

Properties including the capability of being thermally processed, high durability, and resistance to discoloration.

All Tera series sponges have received antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-UV, and copper ion treatment. Of these, the Tera Venus cosmetic sponge material has achieved an unprecedented texture and functionality through special foam technology. This material can be trusted for use directly on the skin. Tera Venus is also used in solid 3D products such as bra cups.

Properties of Tera Venus

  • Comfortable texture and superior antibacterial and anti-mold properties.
  • Optimal for a cosmetic sponge material due to its resistance to discoloration.
  • Exceptional durability and the capability of being thermally processed and processed into a variety of forms.
  • Does not experience discoloration, and hence will not lose its color once color had been added during production.

Uses of Tera Venus

  • Semi-open cell structure that helps prevent permeation and penetration, even with a liquid foundation.
  • Cell diameters can be specified with great detail, and therefore it can be used as a Presto powder.
  • A pure white design is also possible, and therefore it can be used for the tip of an eye applicator.

Basic physical properties Item
*These are measured values, not guaranteed values.

Item Tera Wet urethane
Hardness [F] 65 63
Specific gravity [g/c?] 0.12 0.15
Tensile strength [Kgf/c㎡] 1.4 1.3
Elongation rate [%] 250 300
25% compressive load [gf/c㎡] 61 89